IronPig Game Results 6/27/11 – End of the Home Stand & Rumors!

The IronPigs took down the Charlotte Knights tonight by a final score of 6-1 to earn a series split. The Pigs look to turn away from that nasty 5 game skid and have a good head start by winning tonight and last night.

Rich Thompson had a great night going 3 for 4 with an RBI, 2 runs scored and 2 stolen bases.

Ryan Edell won his first AAA game this season bringing his record to 1 and 2. He allowed 1 run on 5 hits, walking 1 and striking out 3.

Some rumors flying around tonight with the late scratch to Pete Orr from the lineup. The rumor is that the Phillies and Dodgers are talking about a trade involving Matt Kemp to include Domonic Brown and possibly Pete Orr. It’s no secret that the Dodgers are looking to save money after declaring bankruptcy and dropping Kemp’s $6.95 million salary for this season would be a good start. Just a rumor, but something to think about.

Kemp is hitting .327 with 21 HR and 60 RBI so far for the Dodgers this season. A standout outfielder who bats right? Interesting.. very interesting.


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  1. Heard the rumor start last night on WIP. Two reasons why I’m fairly sure it won’t happen:

    1. MLB runs the Dodgers right now and will do what’s best for the fans meaning no firesale.
    2. Pete Orr was out tonight because of a bruised shoulder from yesterday’s collision with Bocock.

  2. Matt,

    I read about #2 on the Hog Blog today as well. Sandberg confirmed it.

    Also, according to the Hog Blog, if everything goes well the rest of the week, Bump start on Saturday vs. Rochester.

  3. Are you reading what you’re writing? Please, imagine this conversation and then consider how much sense it makes to you:

    “Yeah okay… I mean the #4 prospect in baseball is good and all… but we’re not talking unless we’re talking Pete Orr. Call me back when we’re talking Pete Orr, and we might have a deal.”

    Orr’s shoulder is sore. That’s a pretty good reason not to play shortstop considering the torque that shoulder takes on throws to first base. Please, before continuing rumors, consider the context of events.

  4. Nathan while I agree it most likely won’t happen, it’s not THAT farfetched. I’m sure the deal would be much more than Brown & Orr (Singleton, May, or Cosart are other possible additions). Kemp in red pinstripes has come up a few times over the past year. He’s got a big pay day coming up though and the Phils have said they don’t want to deal with the luxury tax.

  5. This is NOT a rumor: Phils place Ryan Madson on the DL, call up Carpenter from LHV. Jayson Stark confirms.

  6. This is NOT a rumor: Phils place Ryan Madson on the DL retro to 6/25, call up Carpenter from LHV. ESPN notes that Stutes and Bastardo will split closer duties while Madson recovers.
    If he has to rehab with the Pigs it’ll have to be in Rochester or Syracuse.

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