Game Results 4/27, Preview of 4/28

The sky is clearing and we can breath a little more easily this afternoon. Last night I was not in the mood to write (don’t ask) and this morning was full of powerful storms which knocked out my power for a moment, restarted my computer and somehow initiated a “Sticky” keys feature on my PC. If you’re not familiar with this, it basically assigns a computer action with the press of one key. About half of the alphabet set off windows closing, opening or other routine tasks that made typing impossible. I was able to repair and now back online for you to enjoy 🙂

Last night saw the Ironpigs defeat the PawSox pretty readily. The puns were flying as both starting pitchers (Brandon Duckworth and Brian Bass) could be related to another form of life.. then a Fox came in on relief for the PawSox and it got worse. I do chuckle at these and they make life a little more interesting.

The bats did come alive and on the second anniversary of the treacherous live bat in the radio booth, the Ironpigs got a lot of runners on and pushed them across the plate. What was more surprising was Duckworth’s lack of control. Our old friend struggled last night.

Anyways, Pigs win by a score of 8 to 2.

Tonight’s game will see the Ironpig’s own Ryan Feierabend taking on Pawtucket’s Felix Doubront. Doubront has only one start this season vs. Rochester on April 22nd, leaving after 3 innings allowing 1 hit. I would imagine he was pulled for an injury. Let’s see how the Ironpigs can fare tonight.

Checking the weather… well it looks great! The storms have passed and a game time temperature of 60 degrees with a partly cloudy sky is expected throughout the night. There will be a slight wind, but no rain is expected!

See you there!

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  1. Another old friend, Ryan Vogelsong, won his first major league game in over 5 years today as the Giants beat the Pirates 5-2. Vogelsong started and went 5 2/3 innings allowing just 2 earned runs while striking out 8. He was 2-5 4.91 with the Ironpigs last year. His last major league win came on September 14, 2005.

  2. Great job by everybody on the radio Wed. night! Didn’t help that the net audio kept cutting out (nearly a Nixon-sized gap while Laura was on)

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