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Ironpigs Game Results Game 1!

The Pigs faced off with the Redwings in game one of the double header today on a beautiful day here in Allentown.

The Redwings jumped out to an early lead but the Pigs tied it up late. Tied at 3-3 going into the 7th inning of the 7 scheduled innings. Memories of Wednesday nights 11 inning game one loomed large.

Reliever Mike Adams on rehab assignment from the Phillies game on to pitch for the Pigs in the 7th. He
allowed a Redwing to reach base, steal second and score the go ahead run on a Rochester double. Koyie Hill made a nice play throwing out the runner at third on a passed ball. A strikeout ended the inning but the damage was done.

The Pigs got some hope with a Blanco one out double. It was not to be..

Final score Pigs 3, Redwings 4

Stay tuned for more stats and game notes in our post of Game 2 later tonight!

All photos by Cheryl Pursell









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@IronPigs Bring Home The Bacon – @PigsRadio Recap


Wouldn’t be opening day without the ‘cap!

Dishing the Voice

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Bethlehem Steel Parent Company Plans to Un-Steel the LV : 4/1/2014

****This was an April Fools Day post****

The parent company of the former Bethlehem Steel company has leaked information of a planned suit targeting Bethlehem, PA based businesses trying to capitalize on their steel product.

Some possible conflicts include:
- Steelstacks in Bethlehem
- Lehigh Valley IronPigs
- Lehigh Valley Steelhawks

While there are many other possible “Steel” referenced marketing campaigns in the Lehigh Valley this Luxembourg based firm has determined to focus on the Lehigh Valley Sports and Entertainment world. The casino, while on the former steel site, was not named as steel hasn’t been a big part of their marketing.

An anonymous informant sent this,

“We own the rights to anything steel based in the Eastern Pennsylvania region. The board of directors have met and determined that profit still exists and plan to move forward in acquiring or having these businesses suppress the use of our trademark and logos inspired from Steel or the Steel making process. We will seek compensation as well.”

Wow. Apparently, in the early 1900′s Bethlehem Steel had trademarked everything involved with the steel business and those trademarks were carried on through the many mergers and acquisitions that followed until the steel plant closed.

You heard it here first! April 1st, 2014.


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Phillies TV Surcharge – How I Really Feel

You know those moments in life when someone presses the secret button inside you and your mouth lets out a torrent of opinions that takes the breath out of everyone within earshot leading to a moment of silence until someone inevitably says,

“Tell us how you really feel.”

I had a moment like that today when I read about a company that owns the rights to televise Phillies games. They overspend, in my opinion, on a new contract with the Phillies so that Ruben and crew can make up for extended overpriced contracts for players who are well past their prime and then pass the charge onto cable providers who then pass it on to the consumer.

How does this impact me? It doesn’t. I haven’t paid for a cable service that carries that “channel” in many years. In fact, I used my communications smarts to set up a semi-homemade TV antenna that any battery operated Gyrene would be proud of. On a good day I pull in 50+ High Definition channels. Yes, the same signal that cable providers “tag” into your pricey cable packages at no charge.. I get for no charge. I shouldn’t say no charge.. I did invest about $100 in antenna equipment about 5 years ago but.. yeah, do the math.

The thing that does get to me is when there is a Nationally Televised game, say ESPN or MLB Network.. and it gets blacked out. I would understand if the local channel broadcasting was available to all but it isn’t.

Really? I mean For Real?!

Really? I mean For Real?!

Who remembers back when the NFL Network decided to show an exclusive Thursday night game? TV providers went through a tizzy of how the fans would suffer, how those who didn’t have cable would miss the game and even Congress got involved threatening to remove the NFL’s Anti-trust protection. How does baseball get away with this?

How does one company get away with this? How could the Phillies do this to their fans?

My simple answer is, I don’t watch Phillies’ games. I haven’t in several years. I won’t in the future unless on broadcast TV. So I miss out on all that pricey advertising that businesses throw out there further funding the adventure.

When I was a kid I would get up every morning during baseball season and read the box score. That’s what I still do today, even if those box scores on are a website and not a soggy copy of the newspaper because it had rained that morning.

With all that said… who has time to watch the Phillies anyway? With 72 IronPig home games and 72 away games to listen to on the radio.. when would you have time to watch the Phillies?

That’s how I really feel.

OinK, Screech, Roll on.

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LVRG Wins Big at Home!

The Lehigh Valley Rollergirls defeated the Cape Fear All Stars tonight by a final score of 203-118!

The Cape Fear All Stars held a slim lead of 76-74 at halftime but LV took charge, led by MVPs Lin Diesel and MJ Slammer, and allowed only 44 points in the second half!

Stay tuned for photos and full video coverage tomorrow!

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@SteelhawksPIFL Sign All-League Player!

Official Lehigh Valley Steelhawk News!


Veteran Steelhawk Larry Ford Returns to the Valley

Bethlehem, PA: The Lehigh Valley Steelhawks are excited to announce that they have signed another All-PIFL defensive lineman. Veteran Steelhawk Larry Ford (6’4, 260, West Virginia) returns to the Lehigh Valley for the 2014 season.

Last season with the Steelhawks Ford led the team with 7.5 sacks (7th in the league), breaking the team’s single season record high. He finished the season with 17 tackles, 7 tackles for a loss, 3 forced fumbles and 3 fumble recoveries. Ford was voted to the All-PIFL 2nd team for his performance during the 2013 season.

At the close of the Steelhawks season, Ford signed with the Orlando Predators (AFL) to finish out their season. In just one game played, he managed to record a half a sack, and 1.5 tackles.

Ford was in camp with the Pittsburg Power earlier this year but says he is eager to rejoin a strong Steelhawk team. “I’m excited about coming back. Going to be great to play with Adam again and all the new guys we have. From what I see it looks like we have a good team that can take us to a championship this year. I came back because I couldn’t end on what happened last season. Can’t wait to get the season started and try and lead this team to a championship!” Ford is joining a fierce Steelhawks’ defensive line that looks to terrorize opposing offenses.

The first chance for fans and media to view full Steelhawks Professional Football action will be at our Annual Black vs. Gold Scrimmage, to be held on March 28th, 7:00pm at Iron Lakes Sports Club. We hope to see you at the Steelhawks’ home games this season inside Stabler Arena! The Steelhawks are constantly working to add talent to the 2014 roster. Keep checking for the latest news and events from the Steelhawks! For further information please call Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Executive Vice President and General Manager Mike Clark at (610) 282-3100, or visit our website at for the latest Steelhawks news!

It’s not too late… Fans are reminded that 2014 season ticket deposits are still being accepted now to reserve your seats for the 2014 PIFL season. You can reserve your seats by calling the Steelhawks front office at 610-282-3100. Ticket packages start as low as $48! Individual game tickets for each home game are now available as well!

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Have You Seen My Valley?

I don’t want to be that guy. The guy who insists on sticking to tradition over moving ahead.

I don’t want to be the one who adds extra words to a t-shirt with a magic marker to prove a point.

And it's good enough for me!

And it’s good enough for me!

Regardless, I still want Reading to be the R-Phils.. but that’s not what I’m looking at today.

Last year I took a trip with the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks for their away game in Richmond, VA. The folks there were wonderful and couldn’t believe we drove “All the way from Lehigh” to be at the game.

A bit before then I was at a Lehigh Valley Rollergirl bout and spoke to a member of the opposing team who told me, “Lehigh is a great place for rollerderby.”

Every now an then I encounter someone who is not from these parts and they speak highly of “Lehigh.”

I usually respond with, “The college?”

Where is the Valley going? How does the outside world not recognize the Valley?

Where's the V?

Where’s the V?

You don’t hear Philadelphians referring to the Delaware Valley as “Delaware.”

You don’t hear folks from New York City say they live in “York.”

You don’t call Silicone Valley, “Silicone.”

I suppose Lehigh University’s basketball success a couple years ago “put the Lehigh Valley on the map” for national sports fans but the Valley part seems to be fading.

A fading Valley...

A fading Valley…

Even the IronPig’s away uniforms seem to support this sporting a large “LEHIGH” and very small Valley.



Now there are lingering memories of the TV series from a number of years ago that gave many nightmares of a secret alien invasion.. the show called, “V” might be giving the “V” a bad rap but really… is it so hard to acknowledge the Valley?

For your entertainment, here are some cowboys singing about a Red River…


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