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PPL Center: Arena Review, Eagles Concert–and a Tom Petty Preview

“How ‘ya doin’?”

Well I’m doing just fine.  And, I’m really liking the new downtown arena in Allentown.  We had a great time at the Eagles concert Friday night, and we were back on Saturday afternoon to get a look around without the crowds.

My first impression of the PPL Center is that it’s really “finished.”  Except, it’s not.  There’s still work to be done in advance of the first hockey game (a preseason tilt October 1) and Phantoms opening night Friday, October 17, 2014.  But by “finished” I mean to say that the place is really gorgeous.  In many an arena, exposed cinder blocks and rough-hewn concrete adorn the walls and floors respectively.  Then, look up and it’s all exposed HVAC and girders.  Not so in Allentown.  The floors are neatly polished in the main concourse, and carpeted in the luxury areas.  The walls are nicely painted and even wainscoting-adorn in some places.  The pipes and wires are neatly tucked into the ceiling and painted black.  It’s just, really, nice.

The traffic was minimal, and the parking no problem–at least for me.  I was a bit early, though.  I did hear of difficulty at the intersection of Linden and 7th Street.  The Parking Authority is aware of it, though, and will be addressing it through several methods.  In the meantime, avoid that intersection if you can.

Even without the restaurants (Chickie’s, Horton’s, Crust) in the arena, there are still many concession choices within.  I’ll detail them as we get going with the hockey season.  They aren’t cheap, though.

I’ll try to get my photos uploaded soon, but for now…

Here are some other random observations, good and bad:

  • Floor Chairs are Small:   I’m not a big dude, but the nicely cushioned chairs on the arena floor for concerts are really tiny.  And, close together.  In fact, they seem to snap or slide together tongue-in-groove style.  Perhaps this is standard for concerts these days, but I wasn’t planning on sitting that close to the big guy next to me.
  • Need More Urinals:   It was the longest line for a men’s room I’d ever seen.  I spent the entire 20-minute intermission plus the first two songs of the second set standing in line.  My advice: take out some of the commodes and install more urinals.
  • It Does Get Crowded:   It was the first opening, and a big one to boot (10,000 is max; only 8,500 for hockey) and of course no one knew where to go.  So, the concourses were absolutely jammed.  That’ll calm down, I imagine, as folks learn where they want to be.  They’ll get things running quicker at the concessions as well.  Think about opening day at the IronPigs:  After all these years, folks still pack the concourses on opening day for ballpark food and sightseeing.  That’ll calm down.
  • The Center Scoreboard Fully Retracts:   It’s a nice touch.  That hockey-style center board (x4) fully retracts into the ceiling.  Another nice clean look, fully preserving the site lines.
  • Luxury Boxes Rock:   The luxury boxes on levels “3” and “4” offer superb site lines and many comforts.  If you ever get invited to one, jump at it.  The views were really good, if you ask me.
  • And, More:   There are “ice-level” luxury boxes under the stands on the suite side.  They have all the amenities, huge flat-screens, and access to the seats in the club sections.  A really cool idea.
  • Not Done Yet:  Another amazing luxury touch is the “Loge” boxes at the top of the club sections.  Think of them as mini-suites with big leather chairs and marble-like counters.  Another place to visit if you can swing the invite.
  • Finally:  An ice-level party suite sponsored by BSI allows groups to greet the players as they make their way to the ice.  Suite visitors here can then sit glass-side for the game.
  • Cool Areas For the Common Man (and Woman):   The “Miller Lite Loft” above the “closed” (non-stage) end of the arena is a nice place to visit.  Nice high-up end view of the ice, and a bar up there to boot.
  • Micro-Brews Up Top:  I don’t know what it’s called, but there’s a place above the gourmet hamburger stand which has a micro-brew bar and some tables to hang out above the main concourse.  It’s a neat area to get out of the crowd and relax.  It’s mostly a concourse view, though, not so much for the game.
  • I’ll Be At The Bar:   There’s a rectangular bar area right near my hockey seats.  I swear I didn’t know it would be there.  Well, you’ll know where to find me before the games…near section 107.
  • Get Me A Beer:  There are many, many beer choices.  I’ll detail them later, but you’ll find something you like.  There are a ton at Coca Cola Park, too, with some notables missing.  Here, nothing’s missing:  Miller Lite, Yuengling, Coors Light, Micros, Shock Top.  Drafts.  Big giant cans.  All kinds of cool choices.  Not cheap though:  Miller Lite draft cost me $8.  25-oz Bud Light can cost me $9.  Wine and mixed drinks are of course available in the club, but there was a small bar set up on the concourse near section 104 as well.
  • Make Your Calls Before You Go:   The cell signal inside is very, very weak.  There’s talk of boosting it.

Tips if you’re going to the Tom Petty Concert Tonight:


Map Courtesy Allentown Parking Authority

Map Courtesy Allentown Parking Authority

Remember the directionality of the streets, and make a plan.  Check and click on the available lots and decks to check parking availability.  Follow the color-coded signs downtown.

What NOT to do:

  • Be Late.  A little extra time is helpful.
  • Drive Around.  I say find a spot and park.  Walk or hitch a ride with LANTA shuttles.
  • Take Seventh Street.  Or, Linden.  Seventh and Linden was the bottle neck, if you can avoid it, do.
  • Park AT the Arena.  There’s a parking garage “in” the arena.  It’s small, though, and mostly reserved spots for VIPs, Suite holders, and the like.  It will be filled.  Don’t even try to park there.

So enjoy the show.  Word from the tour is that it is excellent.  They’re known to mix it up a bit, but here’s a recent set list:

Steve Winwood:

  1. (Buddy Miles cover)
  2. (Traffic song)
  3. (Traffic song)
  4. (Traffic song)
  5. (Blind Faith song)
  6. (Traffic song)
  7. Encore:
  8. (Blind Faith song) (with Tom Petty)

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers:

  1. (The Byrds cover)
  2. (Tom Petty song)
  3. (Tom Petty song)
  4. (Blind Faith cover) (with Steve Winwood)
  5. (Tom Petty song)
  6. (Tom Petty song)
  7. Encore:
  8. (Tom Petty song)

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Allentown Arena Parking: Where to Park When Visiting the PPL Center

Map Courtesy Allentown Parking Authority

Map Courtesy Allentown Parking Authority

Updated: 9/6/2014

We’ll get our first taste of traffic and parking hassle this Friday, as the Eagles open the brand new PPL Center in Allentown.  As with the first IronPigs game, expect some growing pains as things get smoothed out and bugs in the system get resolved.

I’ll be reporting back with my findings, of course, but let me share what I know so far about arena parking in Allentown:

  1. There’s no best way.    With multiple parking decks, lots, and the like, there’s going to be no ‘best’ way to go to events downtown.  If everyone tries to arrive on the same road, we’ll all be stuck.  That said, we’ll start to learn for ourselves the best way to arrive and depart from our homes and offices–and how to save on the fees.
  2. There are enough spaces.    Multiple studies have suggested that there will be more than enough parking spaces for the number of cars arriving for arena events.  The key will be getting the cars to the open spaces–and it feels like the Parking Authority is already aware of that.  We’ll see how they do with it.  The Parking Authority does seem to be on top of this, if not a little ‘last minute.’
  3. It will be safe.    I think.  Police patrols on foot and on bikes will be present.  Shuttles and trolleys will be available to help squire folks to and from the different decks and lots.  Video monitoring will be in place all over.  And, there’s safety in numbers:  with so many folks arriving and leaving at the same general time, I anticipate a safety factor there, as well.
  4. It won’t be cheap.      It feels a little like the City of Allentown is going to be in the business of parking:  They’ll likely collect lots of parking fees with all of the events to be held at the arena.  I hope they put it to good use.  But remember, it’s not the Phantoms or the Arena in charge of parking, it’s the City of Allentown.
  5. Driving around looking could be a problem.    The Parking Authority may have an app, and this map may be interactive, to try to help folks find the parking quickly, and not end up driving around the blocks close to the PPL Center Arena searching. That “searching” traffic will be a problem and will also be a hazard to those walking to the arena from their cars–not to mention inhibit shuttle speeds.  My advice for those coming from out of town:  Use the maps to find where you expect to park, then walk or shuttle to the arena.  Do not GPS to the arena and THEN look for parking:  That’s likely to be more frustrating as traffic right near the arena itself will be the worst.  Also, I wouldn’t be surprised, given the above, if they start blocking off some of those blocks for pedestrians and shuttles.  Add in the one-way streets and the pedestrians and, as I said, you’ll likely be frustrated.  Follow the signs and park–then figure out a way to get to the arena (walk, shuttle, etc.)
  6. Oh yeah, the streets.    I always forget that some of the streets are one-way.  As I look at the map at the top of this page, and make a plan for where I’ll arrive and park, I end up with a useless plan because the street limitations.  The map at does show the street directions.  Google maps does, as well.  
  7. Technology will help.    Electronic fee collection, apps, real time space availability, and the like–will all help ease the confusion and the hassle of parking downtown.  The map at (above) IS interactive.  Hover over the lot, and it should let you know how many spots are available there.  I’m not sure how accurate it will be:  If I see a schmuck with an abacus as I enter the garage, I’ll be less confident.  ;-)
  8. What will it cost?   At Authority parking facilities, parking for concerts will be $10.  For other events, parking will be $6, unless otherwise specified.  But, the price of parking is subject to change without notice.
  9. (Updated 9/8/2014)  Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs:    Alternate title:  “What’s with all the colors?”   As you approach the arena zone in downtown, you’ll begin to see color-coated signs to guide you toward parking.  If you are familiar with the map colors above, or if you have the interactive map loaded on your smart phone, it should help you locate parking quickly.  The colors correspond to parking options within each quadrant of the zone.  Again, my advice as we set out on this downtown adventure is:  “Find parking and just park.”  Don’t drive around looking for a better spot.  That’s what’s going to sink this.  We’ll get to “advanced strategies” later, as we all become more familiar with the goings on downtown.
  10. Pay on the way in:  You’ll be asked for event parking fee on the way into the lot or deck you choose.  There will be attendants on hand to assist you with finding a spot within that area.  This should help with egress.  It’s unclear to me at this time what happens with parking pass holders, folks still in downtown from the day, and what time the “event fee” kicks in.  Normally, Allentown parking is “free after 5″ but that won’t apply on event/hockey nights.
  11. There are designated areas within each authorized parking area for accessibility.  Let the attendant know as you pay, and there should be other attendants to assist.  I’m not sure if the accessible parking spots will be listed on the interactive map, but they should be.  I know those spots go FAST at Coca Cola Park.  Shuttles will be available to help get you to the arena.  For those that don’t need it, my advice is:  Park in a regular spot and walk.  Make sure those spots, and the shuttle seats are available to assist those who require it.  The exercise is good.
  12. How to Pay:    Most street meters take coins or credit cards.  Garages will accept cash or credit cards.  “Park By Phone” is currently in Beta–at some point you MAY be able to pay for parking by using your smart phone.
  13. You Can Pre-Pay for Parking:    Minutes ago, I received an email with a link to pre-purchase parking at the “Linden Street” garage.  Go HERE.  Now, I’m not sure that garage is the most convenient for the direction I’m coming.  Plus, egress after the show may be difficult for me, so I’m not sure I’m going to pre-purchase.  It’s a good idea for some, though!


I’ll try to post some parking strategies in this space as I gain experience downtown.  Stay tuned.





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Phantoms Roster News: Flyers Announce Rookie Camp Details


The Philadelphia Flyers, the parent club for our Lehigh Valley Phantoms, has announced a rookie camp for their potential players.  Many of these players will find themselves as Phantoms, sooner or later.  The camp begins on September 12–the same day as the Eagles concert at the PPL Center–and extends through the 16th.  The camp will be held at the Flyers Skate Zone at the Virtua Center in Voorhees, NJ.  The camp will conclude on September 16, with a Rookie Game between the Flyers Rookies and their counterparts from the Washington Capitals.  The practices, as well as the game, are open to the public.  The times for the practice sessions were not listed, but the game will be at 3PM on the 16th. The regular Flyers training camp will open at some point following the rookie camp.

Of the 27 players invited to the rookie camp, 10 spent at least part of last season with the Phantoms in Glens Falls last season.  Those players are:

Forwards:  Brandon Alderson, Nick Cousins, Kevin Goumas, Derek Mathers, and Petr Straka

Defensemen: Mark Alt, Steven Delisle, Shayne Gostisbehere, Robert Hagg, Maxim Lamarche

Other players who have been invited, and who have been pegged as possible Phantoms, are:

Forwards: Scott Laughton and Taylor Leier

Defenseman: Jesper Pettersson

Goaltender: Anthony Stolarz

Players such as recent first-round picks (and defensemen) Samuel Morin and Travis Sanheim will most likely return to their Junior Hockey clubs following the camp.

For more information about the rookie camp, rookie game, and visiting Voorhees:

voorhees skate zone




To purchase tickets for Phantoms preseason games at the PPL Center October 1 and October 4, please call 610-347-8499, or visit

To purchase or inquire about Phantoms season ticket packages, call 610-224-4625.

The entire Flyers Rookie Camp roster can be found here.

See you at the arena,

@Kram209 (section 106)


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The entire AHL schedule was released today, and can be found at online.  The Phantoms’ home schedule is below.

There are 37 regular season home dates plus the two previously scheduled preseason games.  All home games are 7:05PM starts, save for the three Sundays late in the season, which are either 3:05PM or 5:05PM.  There are 10 Fridays, 14 Saturdays, 3 Sundays, 9 Wednesdays, and one each Tuesday and Thursday.

The PIFL schedule may be released soon, as well, and we’ll have to look and see if we get any “double-header” days downtown with the SteelHawks.  The Phantoms will play at the same time as the IronPigs on Friday 4/10, Saturday 4/11, and Tuesday 4/14.

2014-2015 Phantoms Home Schedule at the PPL Center, Allentown, PA  7:05PM Puck Drops

Friday 10/17: Adirondack

Friday 10/24: Hershey

Wednesday 10/29: WB/Scranton

Saturday 11/1: Hartford

Saturday 11/15: Toronto

Wednesday 11/19: Hershey

Friday 11/21: Worcester

Saturday 11/22: St. John’s

Wednesday 11/26: Springfield

Saturday 11/29: Norfolk

Saturday 12/6: Bridgeport

Saturday 12/13: WB/Scranton

Wednesday 12/17: Binghamton

Friday 12/19: Hershey

Saturday 12/27: Norfolk

Friday 1/16: Albany

Saturday 1/17: Binghamton

Wednesday 1/21: Hershey

Saturday 1/24: St. John’s

Thursday 1/29: Albany

Friday 1/30: Hershey

Wednesday 2/4: Worcester

Friday 2/13: Binghamton

Wednesday 2/18: Binghampton

Friday 2/20: Providence

Saturday 2/21: Hartford

Saturday 2/28: Binghamton

Friday 3/6: Bridgeport

Saturday 3/7: Portland

Sunday 3/22: WB/Scranton 5:05PM

Wednesday 3/25: Syracuse

Saturday 3/28: WB/Scranton

Sunday 3/29: Manchester 3:05PM

Wednesday 4/8: WB/Scranton

Friday 4/10: Norfolk (IronPigs Conflict)

Saturday 4/11: Norfolk (IronPigs Conflict)

Tuesday 4/14: Hershey (IronPigs Conflict)

Sunday 4/19: WB/Scranton 5:05PM

See you at the arena,


from Phantoms Twitter acct.

from Phantoms Twitter acct.

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Hockey Update: Phantoms News Trickles Forth

It might be only August, and it might be 90 days until the home opener for the Phantoms, but things are moving ahead at the downtown arena as they prepare for the Eagles concert in early September.  Here’s the latest on the Phantoms:

From the Phantoms' Twitter Feed

From the Phantoms’ Twitter Feed

  1. A New Mascot:  I’m not sure what happened to the Beaver Named Dax, but our new mascot is meLVin–with the big ‘LV’ representing the Lehigh Valley.  He’s a crazy, one-of-a-kind creature who should do fine as long as they don’t redesign him with a llama neck.
  2. Partial Season Ticket Plans Go On Sale:  Single-game tix are on sale for the two preseason games, but partial season tickets are on sale too.  Here’s a photo summary from the Phantoms Twitter feed:
  3. partial season tickets
  4. Installation Continues:  The seats are almost completely installed, and the huge, 4-way, center ice score board is being constructed and installed.  The dasher boards arrived yesterday and are already appearing in the live photo feed from inside the arena.  Go to the arena web site to check it out!
  5. A Sneak Peak at the Schedule:  the following schedule details have been released:prelim sched More schedule detail will be forthcoming as the AHL finalizes things.  Stay tuned!
  6. We’re starting to study our prospects lists:  I’m no Flyers fan, but I’m going to have to learn.  I’ve been monitoring some sites like this one to learn about the players in the Flyers’ system.
  7. We’re Still Nervous About Traffic and Parking:  Yes, traffic studies have been done.  And, folks are working night and day to install new traffic lighting which will allow for more efficient access and egress.  As specifics become available, we’ll pass them on right here.


Stay tuned!  We’re ready to support the Phantoms!



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meLVin The Puck-Nose Pladoetle

Alternate Title:  “Dax is Gone; No More Beaver”

Through a series of YouTube videos, the Phantoms have introduced their new mascot.  No more Dax and Flex, I guess?  Well, whatever.  He seems nice enough, and there were plenty of clever parts to the video.  I smell Ryan Kelly’s involvement….

Please watch it all the way through…

here (won’t embed…)

More later,







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Checking in With the Phantoms: 96 Days Until the Home Opener

Two and a half years ago I wrote this post about hockey coming to Allentown.  Now, it’s less than 100 days until the home opener.  I’ve already signed my season ticket contract and picked up my promotional gift (two of the nicest left-handed hockey sticks I’ve ever seen).  Concerts are being scheduled, and there will be some pre-season games prior to the October 17 home opener.  It’s getting close folks.  You don’t believe me?  Take a look at this –at the time of posting, that live cam is showing the seats being installed in the main bowl, and some of the risers–the first 5 or 6 rows for hockey–in place.

Here’s another peak at the season ticket seating for hockey:

hockey seating

Image from the Phantom’s web page. Anybody ready for Kram106? I’ll be sitting near the top of 106, just across the aisle from the jokers who are paying more to sit in 105. There are approximately 21 rows in each section for hockey, with the first five or six on risers. I’m unsure about the rows for the upper level.

In case you missed it, concerts and events are already being scheduled.  The opening event will be the ’70s rock band the Eagles, on September 12.  Here’s the full list, as of this writing:

Friday, September 12: Eagles

Monday, September 15: Cher

Tuesday, September 16: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Friday, September 26: Rascal Flatts

Friday, October 3: Harlem Globetrotters

Friday, Saturday, October 10-11: Professional Bull Riders

As near as I can tell, tickets are still available to all of these events.  Tickets for the Eagles are getting low, however, plenty of the VIP, and “Platinum” seats upwards of $450.00 each are still available.  Here’s what the concert seating map looks like–at least for Tom Petty:

ppl concert seating

From the PPL Center Ticket Page. I’ll be sitting in 205 as it kept shutting me out when I was trying to purchase floor seats–and that was six minutes into the pre-sale. Whatev. They were cheaper up top.

Here are some nuggets I learned at my ticket signing for the Phantoms this week:

  1. There are a butt-load of season ticket holders.  The seat map for hockey is tremendously full.  They are currently selling partial season ticket packages only to those on the waiting list–they haven’t even started public sales of those yet, let alone single-game tickets.  They don’t have the most season tickets in the league, but there are motivational signs throughout the ticket office promoting that as a goal for the ticket staff.  Impressive.  If you’re thinking about season tickets you’d better get moving.  And tickets in the expensive “club” section are almost gone.  So much for letting them talk me into upgrading…
  2. The seats are nice.  I was able to see the regular seats, the club seats, and the suite seats.  All very nice.  Of course, the club seats are slightly bigger and could be a bit more apart.  The suite seats are bigger yet.  But, not tremendously so.  I had to ask to figure out which were which, in fact.  Very nice padded seats, all.  They all seem nicer than the Wells Fargo Center seats in Philly.
  3. They are thinking about sound.  Arenas can be horrible places for concerts sometimes because of the acoustics.  Metal and concrete reflect sound like crazy, and it’s difficult to get a pleasing auditory signal to the concertgoers.  They’ve already thought about that, and strategies are being implemented to assist with the sound quality.  One of the Brooks brothers is a huge concert fan, I understand, and this has been a point of emphasis.  We’ll see how they do, but it was encouraging to hear that they’re already thinking about it.
  4. The season ticket package includes 38 home dates, 2 preseason games, and 2 playoff games, for a total of 42 games.  In the event that the team doesn’t play in the playoffs, the two extra games will be credited towards the following season.  Most season ticket holders have a 3-year or 5-year contract. The price is locked in for the first two, with an increase of no more than 3% for the third year.  It’s unclear when the pre-season games will be for this first season, or whom they will be against.  Any chance of a Flyers exhibition?  We’ll see.  I would guess one would be the weekend before–perhaps Columbus Day–and one during that week.
  5. The final schedule should be out in August.  There will be very few mid-week games.  Most will be Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  There will be the occasional mid-week tilt over the holiday periods of Thanksgiving, Christmans, and New Years.  A couple extras will be sprinkled in, but count on mostly weekends.
  6. They know the ticket process for concerts is not perfect.  The hockey side isn’t completely in control of it, and the promoters, and the bands themselves have a lot of say in how things are done.  Phantom’s STH do get some pre-sale ability–but then, the “Cyber Club” of the arena does, too (just sign up!).  It’s not clear if one group or the other has access to better seats–they are chosen for you during the purchasing process.  Personally, I did very well with my Eagles tickets (I think…) as I used my American Express (promoter) pre-sale code.  I did much less well with Tom Petty, using the Phantom’s code.  I have no idea if this is a coincidence or a computer problem or what.  I don’t know how many concerts I’ll go to down there, but we’ll try to keep up with info that we hear and learn.


Now, let’s take a look at how the Phantoms are doing with those things I suggest so many months ago:

  1. Invest in Parking and Travel Solutions:  According to the Morning Call, there has been a traffic study in and around the arena district and with respect to the parking lots.  In addition, there will be an “app” for your smart phone to help you find parking (just try looking at that while you drive!  Kidding.  Have your passenger do it!)  I did see a parking map, for the first time, the other day in the print version of the newspaper.  I believe it was in regards to this study with this article  but the image is nowhere to be found now.  We’ll update going forward.  I believe the bottom line is, that there will be enough parking, and the flow from the many points of access will be tolerable.  The key will be getting cars into those spots that are available. The city and the team are concerned and working on it–and don’t have their heads in the sand (or elsewhere) at this juncture.  It’s a start, but I’m telling you they need to continue to work on it.  On my way downtown to sign for my ticket plans the other day, I made four wrong turns, almost plowed into two mini-vans which were parked in the middle of the street for no apparent reason, and almost drove off the closed portion of the eighth street bridge.  And, this was with the benefit of a satellite-guided navigation system in my car, and full daylight.  I admit it’s not my best thing–and construction in the area was part of the problem–which will hopefully be concluded somewhat before September 12.
  2. Concerts:  They’ve already exceeded my expectations for the amount and quality of the acts they will be able to book.  Good for them, and I hope it continues.
  3. A co-tenant:  The SteelHawks are the number one candidate.  I wrote about it earlier today, here.  I wouldn’t mind seeing indoor soccer or a D-League NBA team, too.  I won’t be in for Lacrosse, probably.
  4. Make it NICE:  Everything I see tells me that they are.  I am hopeful.
  5. Good A/V:  Everything I’ve heard is good.  We’ll see.
  6. Family Friendly:  I think so.  A number of the restaurants downtown should have some kiddo possibilities, especially before and after matinee games and events.  I felt OK walking around downtown the other day when I was down there exploring.  Yes, it was daytime.  And, yes, I am somewhat oblivious at times.  But I’m hopeful, here, too.
  7. Keep the Philly Connection:  They have, and then some.  First, with the introduction of Chickie’s and Pete’s as the sports restaurant.  Then, in case you missed it, they’ve worked in cooperation with the Reading Royals and the Philadelphia Flyers to make the Royals their AA-level partner.  Read more about it here.
  8. Realignment:  Yup.  It was announced this past week. The Phantoms will play in a division with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (Penguins), Hershey (Capitals) and Binghamton (Senators), in addition to Norfolk (Anaheim).
  9. Concessions:  TBD.  But, with the number of new eateries downtown, I don’t think I’ll be going hungry at games.
  10. Group Sales:  The do have a couple of special group areas, including one right on the ice where you can watch the players enter.  They also have some other spots blocked off for group sales.  They’ll be OK–they have enough season ticket holders on three- and five-year deals to get things rolling even without a ton of groups.
    Just a snap--the yellow seats are 3-year plans and the blue ones are 5.  Red ones are unknown.

    Just a snap–the yellow seats are 3-year plans and the blue ones are 5. Red ones are unknown.


  11. Conventions and Meetings:  Well, already we have Globetrotters (basketball exhibition) and Bull Riding (rodeo, prob similar setup to some X-games stuff) so there’s that.  I’m sure they’ll find stuff.  Need to develop a quality reputation with the parking and the facility itself–as well as the comfort of the performers–though.
  12. Vuvuzelas:  We’ll see.  It will be interesting to see the kind of atmosphere they promote.  I wonder how raucous it will be.  It will be interesting…

See you at the arena,

Kram 106




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