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Mid-Year Yawns

It’s that time of the year. Baseball just hit the All Star break and both the Pigs and Phillies are riding the basement of their respective divisions. Our beloved Steelhawks fought hard but lost their Championship game last night ending the this year’s arena football season. It’s hot outside. The memories of winter have officially faded away. Most are thinking of a vacation. Some are thinking of hockey in the near future.

I’m thinking about a new furnace and create excuses to avoid mowing the lawn…


Really, it’s a welcome break for us sports fans. This is pretty much the one week of the year where we willingly accept invites to picnics, parties and nights out without the pressure of missing a game. We’re not checking our phones to see away game scores. We’re not contemplating tailgating or rain delay strategies. We are burning through Netflix sports movies like a crazed junkie.

Maybe it’s time for a nap.

Sure, I could throw in some motivational words about Roller Derby at this point. I usually do. I’ve been trying to get you to come out to derby for years. Here’s a photo if you’re still not convinced.

Photo by our good friend Jim Rhoades

Photo by our good friend Jim Rhoades

Although that photo provides us with an entertaining illusion… it’s still a real fun time.

Next Lehigh Valley Rollergirl’s home bout is this Saturday, July 19th at 5:00pm in Schnecksville. I’m sure I’ll post more details later this week.

Until then… enjoy the day.

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Roll Into This Weekend!

Our beloved Steelhawks are still on the road. Our thoughts will be with them as they look to end this 5 game skid.

The IronPigs are on the road as well.. what to do… what to do?

I’ve said it many times so I’ll spare you the theatrics… It’s Roller Derby Weekend here in the Lehigh Valley!

Tomorrow the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls are having a double header and then on Sunday the Two Rivers Roller Derby is having a home bout over in Bethlehem!

Details on both events are below but first, some motivation:



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Hot, Heavy & Hard Hits of the Bout from 5/31/14


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Review of Last Night’s Hot Action – 6/1/14

Our Lehigh Valley Rollergirls Metal Vixens soundly defeated the Dutchland Derby Rollers Blitz!

Enjoy the Noise Nation’s presentation of Just Jams!

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Calling True Sports Fans!

I know there are some true sports fans out there. I see you all the time intermingled with the rest of the fan base. You eat at home before the game and might have a water bottle along to save on costs. Hey, I feel ya… it gets pricey being a season ticket holder. A $10 ticket can easily jump to $35, $40, $60 or even $100 if you find yourself in the team store. It happens.

Sure, there are those out there who show up for the beer, the soda, the wonderful concessions. I’ve been known to partake in a Philly Pretzel and Gyro now and then. I don’t say Aw Shucks much anymore due to dietary needs but as another food favorite meatloaf would say.. two out of three ain’t bad, right?

You are the True Fan. You aren’t content watching videos on the big screen or wondering who’s walk up song is “Black Betty” or how long the line is at the frozen yogurt stand. You are a stat watcher, you live for the crack of the bat and the leathery smell of a glove or football. You don’t wash your hand for days after a high five from a player and likely have a room full of sports memories collected over time.

Hear this sports fan…

I can promise you a sport that will:

1. Allow you to bring your own food and drinks to the event, even alcohol!

2. Meet all the athletes involved from both teams!

3. Go have a beer with both teams after every game, not just a random occurrence or special occasion!

4. Combine strategy, speed, excitement and physicality that will make you cringe with excitement!

5. A league that has nearly 300 teams across the country!

Sounds good right? Sounds like something a true sports fan would like… right? You love sports not just those of the “Big 4 affiliated” nature.. right?

Two words. Roller. Derby.

Check it out, you’ll like it. Trust me.


Still not convinced? Check out these highlights:

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Roller Derby Review 5/12/14

“This past weekend the Black Rose Rollers of Hanover, PA sent their team, the Rotten Cherries, to battle against the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls’ (LVRG) Blast Furnace Betties. LVRG hadn’t played the Rotten Cherries…..” to continue reading click here.

In case you missed the bout you can check out the Noise Nation’s own Just Jams presentation!

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Roller Derby and Arena Football! Another Fun Filled LV Weekend!



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