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Vast Valley of Sports Season 2 Episode 1: IronPig’s Media Day!

The IronPig’s held their annual preseason media day yesterday and the Noise Nation was there!

Leading the way were NN veterans Kram, Dipro and Cheryl and a couple of newcomers in Jim and Julie!

Jim, Cheryl and Julie even made it on the front page of the Morning Call!


…and now our feature presentation! The first episode of Vast Valley of Sports for 2014! Enjoy!


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This Week in Noise Nation – A Bit Late, 3/6/14

I’m a bit late with last week’s This Week in Noise Nation.. so to catch up:

Kram takes a look at the impact Phillies’ injuries will have on the IronPig’s pitching staff.

Steelhawks resign an All League member of last year’s team.

We get a smile from some news about our resident Tennis pro here in the Lehigh Valley.

Steelhawk’s Season Ticket Pick up Party

PIFL Championship to be televised.

Kram looks into the the IronPig’s 5:05 start time for Opening Day.

Roller derby gets some new rules for 2014.

Steelhawk’s song release.

Alex Cohen called up to the Bigs!

Pig Day and IronPig Spring Training updates.

Review of the Lehigh Valley Rollergirl’s home opener.

Roller derby Pre-bout news!

New baseball home plate collisions rule.

Who took the Valley from the Lehigh Valley?

LVRG Rebrands

IronPig’s new Friday uniforms.

Steelhawk’s Open Scrimmage announcement.

Video review and interviews from Smell the Change press conference.

Tales from the Porkside – Uniform Changes

New uniforms-Reactions-Analysis

IronPig’s release Smell the Change announcement!

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DiPro’s Coat Has Been Located!

DiPro’s missing coat has been located! Thanks to all who participated in the search!

Yesterday at approximately 2:00pm, DiPro’s coat went missing while attending the IronPig’s new uniform release press conference. Details then were sketchy but a few leads came in that led to the eventual discovery. It was a trying time for DiPro and most definitely for his coat. Late yesterday afternoon search teams formed and scoured the area to no avail. This morning we received word that the coat has been identified by a concerned citizen who then directly contacted a joyful DiPro. Plans for the coat’s return were not immediately available.

DiPro sends his thanks and asks for privacy for him and his coat as they shall soon be reunited.

His representative did release a brief statement, “DiPro and his coat have been in touch with each other and are extremely happy this was resolved in such a timely manner. He is extremely thankful and is looking forward to weather where a coat is not necessary.”


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@IronPigs Smell the Change Announcement Video + Interviews!

Thanks to Kram, DiPro and Cheryl we have a video of the IronPig’s Smell the Change announcement from yesterday! Enjoy!

The Full Press Conference (It’s going to prompt you to view on Youtube and will play there)

Candid thoughts with IronPig’s General Manager, Kram and DiPro

Kram catches up with The Voice of the IronPigs Matt Provence!

Kram interviews Promotion master Morris!

The IronPig’s Official Press Release


New Logo Themes Include Mouth-Watering Bacon, Molten Steel and the Iconic Liberty Bell

(Allentown, Pa.) – The Lehigh Valley IronPigs unveiled a series of bold new looks and designs today at to add to their on-field hat and uniform repertoire for the 2014 season and beyond. The IronPigs primary logo and home uniform, which have been among the most popular and best-selling in Minor League Baseball since debuting, remain unchanged.

“Today marks a renewal of Minor League Baseball’s most revered and iconic brand,” remarked IronPigs President & G.M. Kurt Landes. “We worked tirelessly over the last year to develop new identities that not only embody the rich tradition of the Lehigh Valley but also the spirit of the IronPigs and our fans.”

The “Smell The Change” initiative is brought to life in the IronPigs brand-new bacon-themed Saturday ensemble, which includes a bacon strip logo transfixed to the cap, a fresh “Pigs” jersey design emblazoned across the chest as well as the first-of-its-kind bacon-style piping down both legs of the pants. Similar to years past, the Saturday top is Brick Red but now includes the endearing term, ‘’Pigs” across the chest with a wavy bacon underline. The bold new bacon strip logo sits atop a two-tone cap featuring the familiar colors of IronPigs Steel and Furnace Blue. The bacon-enriched pants, the first baseball pants to feature a logo design within the piping, are also IronPigs Steel. In addition to the cap and uniform offerings, innovative “scratch-and-sniff” t-shirts that smell like bacon (they’ll literally make your mouth water) are also now available for a limited time at the Majestic Clubhouse Store and

The IronPigs pay tribute to the Lehigh Valley’s rich steelmaking history with a brand-new, all-black Friday uniform emblazoned with a Molten Red IronPigs logo on the cap, a jet-black jersey with steel-plated chrome lettering and all black pants with IronPigs Steel piping. The molten IronPigs cap logo, which appears to be literally dripping with liquid metal due to the white-hot heat necessary to forge pig iron by smelting iron ore with coke and limestone in a blast furnace, embodies the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania which is world-renowned for this process. The black jersey’s chrome lettering and numerals are meant to pay tribute to Pennsylvania’s iconic blast furnaces – including those of the Bethlehem Steel Corp. — along with the generations of men and women that poured their heart and soul into the steel manufacturing process. Steel from the Lehigh Valley is a part of this country’s most prominent landmarks, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State building. By introducing black pants to this look, the IronPigs are currently believed to be the only team to wear an all-black uniform combination in professional baseball.

The black uniform with electric highlights was purposely chosen as the new Friday home look so it serve as the ideal compliment to post-game Friday Night Fireworks at Coca-Cola Park. To coincide with this new look, the IronPigs will unveil an official “Black Out” shirt and encourage fans to wear black to all Friday home games at Coca-Cola Park.

The IronPigs will don a new powder blue and burgundy two-tone Sunday cap this season that connects the rich histories of the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia regions with a fresh-take on the world-famous Liberty Bell. In this new design, the Bell is suspended by an I-beam, a symbol of the Lehigh Valley’s steelmaking prowess, and features metal rivets to indicate the Bell’s iconic crack. Lehigh Valley residents may also be familiar with the fact that in 1777, the Liberty Bell was hidden in Allentown so that the British army wouldn’t melt it down for munitions. The cap will be worn with the retro mesh IronPigs jersey which was introduced in 2013 to pay homage to the Phillies’ tradition-rich teams of the 1970s and 1980s in which the Phillies went to the postseason in six of eight seasons and won their first World Championship in 1980.

The new mesh batting practice cap features a rebrand of the IronPigs’ iconic primary logo by turning the traditional pig head from its typical profile position to a forward-angling design. This Furnace Blue cap provides a refreshed look to one of Minor League Baseball’s top-selling logos by adding even more facial features to the pig head badge. The official on-field batting practice cap by New Era has been completely redesigned for 2014 and features high-tech diamond texture fabric that is lightweight with breathability and wicking and even offers 50-plus UPF protection and a performance sweatband. The cap-style debuted in Major League Baseball last year and has been well-received by players and fans alike.

While the road uniform is unchanged, the interlocking ‘LV’ cap in the riveted IronPigs font has been replaced by the IronPigs primary logo on a Brick Red cap putting a fresh twist on the highly-successful logo.

Fans can check out all of the uniform designs for the 2014 season at

These brand-new on-field IronPigs jerseys and caps, as well other innovative merchandise such as “scratch-and-sniff” bacon logo t-shirts, are now available at or by visiting the Majestic Clubhouse Store at Coca-Cola Park during normal business hours (Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday’s, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.). The Majestic Clubhouse Store is open daily and is the official retail store of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

Single-game tickets for the 2014 season go on sale during the club’s annual National Pig Day festivities at Coca-Cola Park on Saturday, March 1 at 9 a.m. Single-game tickets can also be purchased at or by calling (610) 841-PIGS (7447) beginning at 1 p.m. on March 1.

Purchase a 2014 ticket plan and receive up to $144 of free Ballpark Credit on your ticket plan through June 16, 2014! That’s right, purchase any plan today and receive free Ballpark Credit as an added bonus in 2014. Ticket plans start at just $90 and provide the very best bang-for-your-buck. The more games in your plan, the more Ballpark Credit you’ll get this season. Call (610) 841-PIGS (7447) or visit Coca-Cola Park’s ticket office during normal business hours to purchase your mini plan or season ticket package today. The 2014 season is presented by Capital BlueCross.


– #smellthechange –


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Tales From the PorkSide – Those Behind the @IronPigs Uniform Change

The IronPig’s new uniforms have been a hot topic and we set off to find out more. Prompted by DiPro’s missing coat we can only speculate that answers to our questions, and possibly DiPro’s coat can be found… In the PorkSide!

IronPigs live in the sunlit world of what they believe to be Coca Cola Park.But…there is, unseen by most, an underworld, a place that is just as real,but not as brightly lit… a PorkSide.


This is the second time we have opened the porthole to the IronPig’s underworld and we still have to be very careful. Not sure what we’ll find here and shocking news can be just as harsh as being struck by a line drive up in the Lighted side of Coca Cola Park.

There seems to be a dim light shining in the back of this tunnel. Let’s check it out. OW! Just hit my head on something! What is that? It’s a coat rack.. an empty coat rack. Ok, the PorkSide is just taunting us now. Come on, that light is peaking my curiosity.

We stumble slowly along until we find this sign:


It looks like a… Tweet. A Twitter message! We have our first clue! We have a website link! This is starting to get heavy… should we proceed?

Of course we are! Let’s do this!

Yeah, this is a fancy website. All the Pig’s new gear showcased in a very… dark… manner. There’s got to be more. If you want to see for yourself, click that sign to see the website.

My eye is drawn to the lower right portion of the page. Site Credits. Perhaps we’ll find something there…


Ah Ha! More answers and two more links to follow… the first sign was so clear with only one path. Now we have to make a choice. Which do we choose? Which leads us to what we are looking for and which leads us to our doom? Which leads us to the resting place of DiPro’s missing coat?

I’m going with the first link.

Wow! This website looks great! We made a good choice. Bright colors and smiling faces!

Jason & Casey

The two of us grew up in San Diego, and have been best friends since kindergarten. As kids, we loved telling stories and bringing creative ideas to life.

Once in college, we started designing high school logos out of our dorm rooms. We then sent letters to 150 Minor League Baseball teams, and only one got back to us: the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx. They told us, “If we like it, we’ll buy it.” That summer we set out with the same goal we have today: Doing whatever it takes to make teams famous.

Since then, we’ve dreamed up all kinds of team names, mascots, and looks, including top selling logos for the Richmond Flying Squirrels and Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. Because we love trying things never been done before, we invented the first glow-in-the-dark on-field baseball cap for the Casper Ghosts, and the first on-field Rally Cap design for the Altoona Curve.

Today we’re bringing the same ‘can-do’ attitude and whimsical approach to storytelling, not just to minor league clubs, but major league teams as well. We recently reimagined the look and feel for America’s oldest baseball club, the Cincinnati Reds, and you can expect major league experience too.

So these guys create baseball logos. Quite a few familiar faces here. Our beloved Pig’s logo, the Pig’s cousins the Flying Squirrels logos among many more. Is this exactly what we are looking for? Not sure yet but we’ll keep looking.

We trace our steps back and I’m thankful Kram Jr. left a trail of Peanut Chews for us to follow back to the original sign.

Now on to that second link

Another sign!


Artists! Strategists! Code monkeys! Oh my!

401! creative

Consumers and businesses are connected more than ever before. We are in an age of transparency, and wherever you are, your customers will find you. But are you ready to be found? Will your website match your marketing materials? Do your social media accounts have appropriate content and graphics? Is your identity consistent across all digital outlets? It’s never been as important as it is today, and as consumers become more educated, they become more discerning.

That’s where 4O1! Creative comes in – with our multitude of services, we can help you with a consistent branding strategy, beef up your marketing collateral from business cards to brochures, and design and develop a best-in-class website to rival players at the top of your industry.

So we now know who was truly behind the IronPig Uniform changes. We know where the new uniforms for the Majestic Clubhouse store were hidden pre press conference and we know where the Smell The Change website had been hiding all week. All in.. The PorkSide!

Still have not located DiPro’s coat.


That’s all I’m willing to stay in the PorkSide today. Stay tuned for high quality Cheryl Pursell video from the IronPig’s Press conference today!

The Porkide is always there, waiting for us to enter – waiting to enter us. Until next time, try to enjoy the daylight.


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This Week In Noise Nation – 2/24/2014

It’s a little late but here’s last week’s week in review:

Wow, we were busy. Here’s to another great week in Lehigh Valley sports!

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@IronPigs Reveal #SmellTheChange Tomorrow! NN Will have Live Coverage!

The kinda-long awaited release of what the IronPigs have planned for their #SmellTheChange promotion will be revealed at 1:00pm Eastern tomorrow 2/24/2014 and the Noise Nation Staff will be there!

We’ll begin coverage around 12:45pm and carry through the entire announcement followed up by a reaction piece from Noise Nation Podcast Radio and later in the day a thorough account of the day’s activities.

Kram will be there in his Piggy Patrol jacket, we’ll see tomorrow if DiPro can find his jacket and the great Cheryl Pursell will be there cameras in hand recording this event for posterity!

The live coverage will mainly be via our Twitter account, @NoiseNation but also make sure to follow and track @Kram209, @CherylPursell and @JasonDipro for timely updates and maybe even a surprise!

Remember – Coverage begins at 12:45pm tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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