Look What Reading’s Doing: More Season Ticket Holder Stuff

I’m on the “mailing” list for several different minor league teams, and I can’t help noticing what some of the others are up to.  The Reading stuff really caught my eye, because it’s some of the same things we’ve been asking for around here, for the IronPigs.  Here are some of the new and established benefits of Season Tickets in Reading:

  1. Season Ticket Holder Only Player Autograph Session  -  I’ve been advocating for this for a while.  I’m not big on autographs myself, but looking for an opportunity for my kids to get some autographs without battling the crowds on that one day.  Fighting the mobs at the front of section 118 and 119 isn’t always an option for the little ones, either.
  2. Access to Reserved Parking  -  Not such a big deal at Coca Cola Park.  I’ve enjoyed the preferred parking the last couple years which comes with my club level ticket package, but more for the fact that it’s free, rather than the location so much.  It’s a little closer, but I never minded parking in the LSI (new name coming?  I digress.) lot and walking up the stairs.  It’s harder to get OUT at the end of the game from the Preferred lot.  However, in Reading it is a nice advantage to park in that new “reserved” section right outside the gates.  The other lots are significantly farther away, and more in the line of fire from home runs.
  3. Always Receive 20% Off in the Team Store  -  This is something I’ve been yapping about for years as well. IronPigs Season Ticket holders don’t get any real ticket price advantage over single game tickets.  We’re the team’s “best customers,” and we’re there all the time.  Why not give us a reason to stop in at the store more often?
  4. Special Season Ticket Holder Entrance  -  I haven’t been the strongest advocate here, but it’s something we’ve discussed quite a bit over the past couple years.  Field Level Ticket Holders feel strongly about this one, and I can’t say I blame them.  It’s a good idea, costs are minimal, and it’s something these fans really want.  There should be some way to make it happen.

Here’s what the email looked like:

reading 2014

Taking a peak at other nearby teams, I didn’t notice anything exciting or unique up in Moosic–other than their (much smaller) club level is completely sold out–and a three- or five-year plan in the club gets you free sodas!

I did notice something unique in Trenton, though (Thunder, AA Yankees):  They have an attendance club.  If you use 90% of your tickets you get a special price on your seats for the following year AND a meet and greet with the team.  If you use 70% you get a special rate as well.  Golly, I made it to 67/72 games last year.  I should get a discount!

See you on the interwebs.  Upcoming posts reviewing the 2013 season, my annual Xmas roster preview, and some phantoms stuff, too!


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One response to “Look What Reading’s Doing: More Season Ticket Holder Stuff

  1. Es waere schoen gewesen. Ein Aussen-Eishockeyspiel bei unserem Park zu haben. Letzte Wochende gab es ein Ausseneishockeyspiel zwischen Universitaet von Niagara und Rensselaer Polytechnische Institutate beim Frontier Field in Rochester — das Feld der Rochester Red Wings!

    I have to think such a game at Coca-Cola Park THIS WINTER would have been a promotional bonanza for both the IL’s IronPigs and the AHL’s Phantoms. Would have certainly drawn more attention as compared to last winter when the Adirondack Phantoms showed up one day for a practice session in Bethlehem. I contend that The Morning Call would have been more than happy to write a bunch of articles revolving around the game, showing how to make a hockey rink inside a baseball stadium, etc. And I have to believe that such an outdoor game would have dovetailed beautifully with the Phantoms already on-going attempts to sell season tickets for the future.

    But hey, what would I know? I must confess, I cannot claim to be a a highly-trained marketing professional or anything close to a top-notch minor league front office executive, either … froehliche Weihnachten an alle!

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