One of the IronPig’s “Old Guard” Moves up to the Bigs

It’s tough to realize that the IronPigs actually have an “Old Guard” but they do. It’s been about 7 years since the team name and staff arrived here in the Lehigh Valley and today’s post is to say Hail and Farewell to one of the longest tenured IronPig employees.

I heard it a few weeks ago and it’s starting to set in. IronPig’s Community Relations Sarah Marten has moved up to the bigs with a job with the Chicago White Sox. She’s no longer listed on the IronPig website staff list and is now listed on the White Sox page so I think it’s as official as it will be.


Anyone who has been to an IronPig’s game, Spring banquet, Hackers & Homers Golf tournament or a LV Miracle league game has seen the efforts of Sarah Marten. Over her time in the Lehigh Valley she made a definitive impact on our community.

Sarah, we at The Horn & Bell wish you the best of luck, good health and prosperity. Thank you for all you have done for us!



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2 responses to “One of the IronPig’s “Old Guard” Moves up to the Bigs

  1. Sarah did the Hometown Heroes promotion every game and I’ll always be grateful for that. My daughter, who’s in the Marine Corps, was delighted to be able to attend a game in uniform, be on the field for the National Anthem, get to throw out a first pitch and be recognized the way she was. Thanks, Sarah, we’ll miss you!

  2. Sarah has always taken great care of me especially with the IronPig for a day auction. I know she has gone out of her way for many of us Jersey Hounds.

    In addition, with all of the community relations she will surely be missed. The new person will have some tough shoes to fill!

    Good luck Sarah!

    We’ll miss you!


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