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IronPig Game Results 7/31/11

The Pigs lost tonight. Off to SWB tomorrow for a double header.

I’m exausted after a long day. A long detailed post on the Noise Nation Cookbook sale and Raffle will be up sometime tomorrow.



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Admin Note – 7/31/11

Tonight I was asked what this blog was about and why I do it.

I write this blog for fun. It’s like a hobby. Do I take it too seriously? At times, yes, I suppose I do. Do I enjoy it? Most of the time yes.

Perfect? Not me. No one on this earth is. I make mistakes, I write things that come across poorly or things that are misunderstood. I may poke fun or disagree with what I see occasionally, but my intent is never ill willed. I have come to realize that some of what I post here upsets people out there and I really do try to avoid controversial subjects. If 9,999 other people disagree with me, so be it. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I leave an open door for suggestions for myself as well. (Please keep it family friendly though)

I am not a professional writer. I am not a journalist. I have no education that would put me remotely in these fields. I’m a fan writing about stuff that this fan cares about. I’ve been asked how I feel about competing local sports blogs. I really don’t feel I’m competing at all. I encourage you all to read The Morning Call’s Hog Blog and The Bacon & Biscuit blog. They write a whole lot better than I do and have a good appreciation for the game. I even have good friends that share the interest of blogging like the The Matt Metal Blog and The Corner Seat. Check these blogs out. There’s good stuff there.

Sure, I’ll admit that I’ve been bitten by the charity bug lately. I even stopped at WalMart today to buy some socks because I saw a billboard of how many children stayed in homeless shelters last year. Is helping charity a fault? I hope not.

I love the game. I love the team. I love the fans and friends.

Let’s get out there and have fun! OinK!


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IronPig Game Results 7/30/11 – Best Promotion of the Year 2011!

The IronPigs lost another one run game tonight by a final score of 1 to 2 against the Buffalo Bison. The Pigs got a bunch of hits but only crossed one run across the plate. Thinking back to the runner rounding third and slipping early in the game could have been the difference. One highlight was Domonic Brown returning and extending his hitting streak to 19 game surpassing the team record he was tied with Mike Cervenak. (There was quite a break in between his last game and tonight)

Got to spend an inning with the best broadcast team in the International League (Matt Provence and Jon Schaffer) and even Matt’s son got an inning with the call.

The true highlight of the evening was the Ghost Riders Monkeys riding Dogs show. Early in the game they provided some comedy when one of the dogs took a “break” in deep right field and came out after the game in true old time west showmanship gave us a memorable show. Like I said, the show didn’t go as scheduled as the small herd of goats beelined for longtime intern Mike who was guarding the gate to the Bison’s locker room. The goats ran past Mike and into the tunnel and disappeared for close to 5 minutes. (The look on Mike’s face was priceless). I have to say that Mike is one of the truly dedicated members of the IronPigs family. Without him and his hard work the park would just not be the same. Thanks to the IronPigs for putting this together and would love to see more of this type of entertainment.

We also got a glimpse of our old friend Bubba Bell when the kiss cam aimed in on the Bison dugout. He’s on the DL at the moment but was good to see him regardless.

One last note about the Charity yardsale at Applebees on Cedar Crest Blvd tomorrow. 8:00am to 3:00pm, Free breakfast for all… our raffle with some great prizes and the last chance to purchase a Noise Nation charity cookbook. Come on out and support some good causes.

Speaking of charity, hats off to the IronPig wives for their efforts in the Socks & Underwear fundraiser tonight. It’s nice to see the families doing stuff like this. Many thanks to Mrs. Sandberg and all the wives who worked so hard to put this together.



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Monkeys Riding Dogs Hearding Goats & More!

Tonight will be the Ghost Riders show during the IronPig’s game! I have to say I have really been looking forward to this all season. I love the guest appearances. Personally, and this is only my preference, I would rather see more stuff like Birdzerk, Zooperstars, etc. than I would giveaways. But that’s just me, the giveaways are cool too.

Delwyn Young and his new friend. From Twitter @dweezy_24

Also, don’t forget the charity Yard Sale at Applebees on Cedar Crest Blvd in Allentown tomorrow from 8:00am to 3:00pm. We will be raffling a bunch of bobbleheads (Sandberg, Harry Kalas, Domonic Brown, Pat Gillic) the two Ryan Howard Garden gnomes, a gift pack from the LV Steelhawks football team and much more! We are also expecting a visit from IronPig’s pitcher Michael Schwimer in the morning and there may be a few more “surprise” guests. Not only that but Applebees is providing a FREE PANCAKE BREAKFAST for EVERYONE who comes out in the morning! There will be a bunch of great yard sale sellers and a great event for a good charity!



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IronPig Game Results 7/29/11 – Exciting Series!

The Pigs fell by a final score of 3 to 4 to split the 4 game series against the 2nd place Pawtucket Red Sox.

The past 8 games were real important games in what is turning out to be an exciting playoff race. The Pigs maintained their 3 game lead over Pawtucket with a series against them and the mighty Columbus Clippers this week. (In the IL South Gwinnett and Durham split and are currently tied)

The Pigs pulled out 5 wins to 3 losses setting them up for a good run in the next few weeks.

Lots of news coming out of Philadelphia concerning a trade with Houston for Pence so expect some transactions and soon. Word is the Phillies sent Cosart, Singleton and Zeid + a player to be named later to the Astros.

This could be good news for the Pigs. With Polanco returning from his rehab stint and Pence being added to the roster the Pigs should get 2 players down. Some rumors I’ve heard floated around include Domonic Brown returning as well as Wilson Valdez. Valdez could be claimed on waiver though. Even a weak thought that Vance Worley could come back but I don’t see that as plausible. Could be shaping up for the Pigs soon!

We did get a preview of the Monkeys riding Dogs who herd goats around tonight. They will have a complete show that I am really looking forward to. I love that stuff!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. Jimmy T and myself will be getting some stuff ready for Sunday’s Charity Yard sale at Applebees and our raffle lineup has grown even larger! Look for some additional great raffle items compliments of our Lehigh Valley Steelhawks! Great folks over there and can’t wait for their next season!



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Game #275 Tonight! – Batting Practive Viewing Party

Celebrating my 275th IronPig game attended tonight by heading out early to the Batting Practice viewing party thanks to our pal J. DiPro!

The Pigs look to take the series win by sending Brian Bass to the mound to face former IronPig Brandon Duckworth. Will the Duck Pond be there?

See you at the park!



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IronPig Game Results 7/28/11 – Update to Yard Sale Line Up

The Pigs lost a tough one to Pawtucket this afternoon by a final score of 1 to 2. A long fly ball by Tagg Bozied could have won it but came about 5 feet short of clearing the wall. Tomorrow they face the PawSox for the final game of this 4 game series.

I do have more information on the Charity Yard sale and Raffle at Applebees on Cedar Crest Blvd Allentown this Sunday from 8:00am – 3:00pm.

We are adding more stuff to the list of raffle item! Going to visit the Steelhawks tomorrow and IronPig Michael Schwimer is going to stop by and visit us in the morning! Thank you so much for your help! It means a lot!

To go along with the 2 Ryan Howard Garden gnomes, Harry Kalas Bobblehead, Pat Gillick Bobblehead, we are working on a Ryne Sandberg Bobblehead and some other fun sports memorabilia. Come check it out!

Ticket will be $1 a piece, 6 for $5 or 30 tickets with the purchase of a Noise Nation Cookbook. Proceeds will go to the National Brain Tumor Society.

Oh and there’s more! There will be a full blown yard sale and other events! Applebees is giving a free pancake breakfast to all in attendance! Other vendors will be there to include our friends Kathy from Arbonne and Dave from BVD’Rangs!

Come on out and support a good cause!


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