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Charity Time Again – Save the Date – Jan. 19, 2011

Last summer I and some other Noise Nation members had the opportunity to volunteer for the Lehigh Valley Miracle League. It is a great experience and I encourage all of you to help out next season!

What can you do to help now? Well I was contacted by Scott and AnnMarie, our favorite bartenders from the Bud Light Trough at The Coke!

They are holding a charity event to benefit the Miracle League on January 19th from 6:00 to 8:00pm at the Holiday Inn in Fogelsville, PA.It’s been a while since we’ve enjoyed the great company and friendship of our favorite summer bartenders so come on out to see Scott and AnnMarie and support one of our favorite charities in the Miracle League.

The Miracle League of the Lehigh Valley was founded in 2006, dedicated to providing children with special needs and other developmental disabilities an opportunity to play baseball.

See their website here:
Come on Noise Nation! Let’s get out there to help this cause!


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100 Days and a Wake Up

You never count the last day.. that’s just a wake up. 100 Days and a Wake Up for Ironpig’s opening day in 2011!

I can already smell the grills being fired up. Winter grasping for its last breath and sunny skies trying to remind us that spring is around the corner.

The first day of baseball at Coca Cola Park has the same feel each year. The new interns rushing around madly to make sure everything is in its place. The concessions workers standing, waiting proudly for the surge of hungry fans. The scoreboard revealing new “themes” for the new season. The scoreboard time and temperature will serve as a reminder that it still is April. Smiles will be everywhere.

As for the team, we won’t know for a while. The roster is usually announced a week or so before opening day. Until then we have a few milestones to look forward to.

Pitchers and catchers report to spring training starting around February 11th. That’s only 46 days away!

We’ll still see some straggling transactions. By this time most of the key players have signed. Teams will look to just fill out their rosters. Still no word if Mike Cervenak has been signed anywhere.

The Ironpig’s winter banquet (formerly the Phillies caravan) is on January 27th. Just a short month away.

You still have time to submit a recipe to the Noise Nation cookbook!

We have a long winter to think of things like making our own homemade version of Monopoly…

Let’s see what else comes up until then.

100 Days and a wake up!



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Not Your Same Old Ironpigs

Out with the old; in with the new.  Things will look a lot different in 2011 at Coca-Cola Park without Andy Tracy hitting in the number 4 spot in the order.

Rule 1 for fans of any minor league baseball team is ‘never get too attached to the players on your team because they’ll likely be playing elsewhere the following year’.   In the three year history of the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs only 3 players have made significant contributions in all 3 seasons,  Brian Mazone, Andy Tracy, and Rich Thompson.   As of this writing, only Rich Thompson is signed on for 2011.  Andy Tracy signed a minor league contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Brian Mazone is still a free agent so it’s still possible he could be here again in 2011.  Drew Carpenter is likely to return to the Ironpigs for 2011 and he did pitch very briefly for the Ironpigs in 2008 so he could also join the small fraternity of 4 year members of the Ironpigs.  Jason Anderson is another in that category although Jason currently remains a free agent.
It isn’t easy trying to predict who will be playing at Coca-Cola Park in 2011 and I probably missed a few names, but here is a list of ballplayers who could be wearing an Ironpigs uniform in the upcoming season.  
Catchers:  Erik Kratz,  Dane Sardinha,  Tuffy Gosewisch
Infielders:  Matt Rizzotti, Tagg Bozied, Josh Barfield, Pete Orr, Jeff Larish, Brian Bocock, Cody Overbeck, Harold Garcia, Freddy Galvis 
Outfielders:  Matt Miller, Rich Thompson, John Mayberry, Brandon Moss, Domonic Brown, Chris Frey
Pitchers:  Drew Carpenter, Nate Bump, Vance Worley, Drew Naylor, David Herndon, Eddie Bonine, Ryan Feierabend, Juan Perez, Dan Meyer, Brian Bass, Sergio Escalona, Michael Cisco, Michael Stutes, Mike Zagurski, Michael Schwimer, Scott Mathieson, Justin Friend, Derrick Loop. 

Also, utility man Michael Martinez was selected by the Phillies in the major league portion of the Rule 5 Draft.   If he doesn’t make the Phillies 25 man roster he must be offered back to the Washington Nationals.  If Washington doesn’t take him back, he could find himself in an Ironpigs uniform.
I also wouldn’t mind seeing free agent Brian Gordon and Brian Mazone added to the above list of pitchers and Kyle Kendrick also remains a possibility since the number 5 spot in the Phillies rotation is currently up for grabs.  If/when Joe Blanton gets traded, the top two contenders for the final starting spot in Philadelphia will likely be Kendrick and Vance Worley. 
In the upcoming weeks I’ll try to do a profile on each of the players listed above so everyone can get to know a little about the team Ryne Sandberg inherits in his first year with the Ironpigs.  Spring training will be here before you know it.
Stay warm!


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Ball Girls/Boys – For Your Entertainment

Ok, granted that was staged for a commercial.. it still is pretty cool.

I wonder if this kid kept his job…

Another one..

Maybe Coca Cola Park should stick to the idea of Ball Girls….


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What Are Your Questions?

Opening up the blog to a Question Answer session today.. what about the Ironpigs, transactions, history, food are you looking for an answer to?

Leave your question in the comments area and our research machine will get to work on it!



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Matt Rizzotti Added to Winter Banquet Night!

From the Ironpig’s website we learned that Matt Rizzotti will be in attendance at the Winter Banquet in January.

Apparently it is no longer called, “The Phillies Caravan”




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Ball Girls/Boys at Coca Cola Park? Pig Poll 12-20-2010

Most professional ball parks have them. Coca Cola Park does not. I wondered why, maybe you all could help me understand.

A ball person sits down the foul lines and scoops up foul balls down the line. Their basic purpose is to run after the errant balls, not in play, and allow the game to proceed faster as the outfielders won’t have to chase down those foul balls. Did I hit a topic there? Speed of play? Faster games?

The Phillies actually have a ball girl team. The organization takes time to select local athletes, yes athletes, where they work every Phillies games and also work hard on charity projects throughout the season. Charity, faster games AND pretty girls. Well, being the equal opportunists we are.. I would suppose both women and men could perform this task.

Let’s hear from you Ironpig fans!



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