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Express Times Interview with Kurt Landes (Audio)

Shared with us from the Express Times!

Listen to an interview with Ironpig’s General Manager Kurt Landes.

Use the link below to access.

Thanks to for providing this to us!


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Phillies Minor League Manager Shuffle

Thanks to Joe for pointing this out to us.


Steve Roadcap will not return as the manager at double-A Reading but will remain in the Phillies’ organization as a manager at the single-A level, according to a baseball source.

The Reading Phillies went 69-72 in Roadcap’s second season as manager. The Phillies previously announced that Dave Huppert would not return at the manager at triple-A Lehigh Valley. One of the two openings could go to Mark Parent, who managed single-A Lakewood to the South Atlantic League title this season.

At least we’re not Rochester…



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It’s Been a While…

I know I haven’t posted anything lately.. reason is, the Pig’s season is over.

Transactions won’t start impacting us until the end of the MLB season.

The biggest news is Kurt Landes being chosen for a second year in a row as the league’s top executive. Also, noticed some new items in the online clubhouse store.

Not too much else going on. If you hear anything good.. leave a comment.



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Incredible News!!!!

Wish I could share it with you all..

Sorry.. HA!

I really do know something great. Wish I could tell you but I can’t.

In a few weeks I will say.. “I knew about that weeks ago!” and will refer to this post. Actually I knew about this before the 2010 season but then it was just a rumor.

Until then..



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Reading Notes

Just a few notes on our friends the Reading Phillies.

Noticed they signed a 4 year extension as an affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies. That’s really a no brainer. They have been with the Phillies since the 60’s and are tied with one other team for the longest continuous affiliation in pro ball. Could the Reading franchise ever be anything other than the R-Phils?

There is also a lot of hoopla about the $10 million in renovations being made to the field out there too. I cringe every time I look at my memories being demolished. There are plenty of photos coming out.. check out the R-Phil’s facebook page or website and you can see them

I would almost guarantee that stadium renovations were part of the extension deal with the big team as it improves the locker room and training facilities.

They also provided drawings of what it will look like when it’s complete and as they tout themselves as “America’s Classic Ballpark”… I have to ask myself if these changes will take away from that good ole ballpark feel. I think it will, at least for me. Those tunnels may be an inconveniance for those who attend Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia… or those who see more of Coca Cola Park… but I will miss them.

Where else could you be in line next to the home team’s 2nd baseman?

Where else do they still have the classic “Main Gate”?

Where else is the focus completely on baseball and not on concessions or fan comfort?

I guess it won’t be in Reading anymore…

Not to make a hit on our friends out in Reading.. the love is still there… just going to long for the past a little more than I already do.


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Bocock Called to Phillies

Good for him!

Cody Ransom did not… well, hahahahahahaahahahaha.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. It isn’t nice to laugh at someone’s misfortune.

A lot of these guys are working on building a pension and one game in a season at the Major League level makes that pension grow. I’m not 100% on percentages and/or time frames but I do know it is a considerable difference if you reach 6-10 years of service at the highest level.

So when a player is upset about not getting a call up during the season, you can understand that the season (in retirement terms) is a complete waste.



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Fewer Posts – Still Here

Not much going on in Ironpig land these days.

I’m going to keep the blog up and running over the winter… will try to post stuff now and then.

If you want to be notified about new posts via email, I believe there is a way to subscribe to the blog, I don’t see it as the blog owner, but if anyone could post a comment on how to subscribe.. the blog will email you each time I post something new.

Otherwise… have a great offseason.



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