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Outfielders in the Phillies Organization

It’s getting thin. Today’s release of Chris Duffy really got me to thinking…

Clearwater Outfielders
Derrick Mitchell
D’Arby Myers
Steve Susdorf

Lakewood Outfielders
Leandro Castro
Michael Dabbs
Anthony Hewitt
Jiwan James

Reading Outfielders
Tyson Gillies
Timo Perez
Mike Spidale
Rich Thompson

Lehigh Valley Outfielders
John Mayberry
Chris Aguila

Williamsport Outfielders
Aaron Altherr
Miguel Alvarez
Kyrell Hudsen
Domingo Santana

*Did not include anyone currently on the DL nor the 3 rookie league teams.

Why would the organization release Chris Duffy if they didn’t have a plan to replace him? Really… the organization is rather thin in outfielders. Especially at AA where they hold 4 on the roster and at AAA where they are down to 2.

Could someone be coming down? I don’t think it will be Brown. We could always see a rehab assignment by Shane Victorino. Could we see Fransico in a Pig uniform soon?

The thought that I can’t get away from is that there are still some deals in the works. Sure the waiverless trade deadline passed today but there still will be deals. Could we be getting some prospects and could those prospects come from a trade involving anyone we know and love on the Phillies roster?

Say for example, and yes I’m tired of hearing this too, Werth is traded. They aren’t going to trade him for anyone to bolster the big league team.. other than maybe a solid closer. Could Lidge and Oswalt’s reunion be short lived? Nothing against Lidge but he needs a change. The same kind of change that helped him further his career after the infamous Pujols home run that demolished Lidge’s time in Houston. Let’s just say the Phillies trade Werth. The organization gets prospects and those prospects include outfielders. To keep those players playing.. well, you make roster spots available.

Now this is just my speculation. The team has their own ideas. To think the Phillies want to trade away Werth is an understatement. There is no doubt they want to keep him but they won’t pay him what he expects to get on the free agent market. I’m sure there will be a mid-field team willing to shell out some cash to obtain him. Werth really hasn’t been playing like he’s in a contract year either.. but that’s a whole different story.

I will post any updates on this as soon as I get them, so stay tuned.. but I would expect to be surprised.



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Chris Duffy Released – Pigs Giving Away the Farm

Listening to tonight’s broadcast it was announced that outfielder Chris Duffy has been released. Duffy had been slumping lately but it seems strange as it leaves the Pig’s lineup with only 2 true outfielders and one extra player. (Brown has not yet been replaced on the Pig’s Roster)

Interesting.. makes you wonder.



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Aguila Gorilla at Coca Cola Park!

Tonight the Noise Nation introduced a new friend to The Coke in Aguila Gorilla! Officially, the Gorilla is the “Noise Nation Gorilla” but if the San Diego Chicken can officially be known as “The Famous Chicken” our mascot can have two names too!

The Gorilla seems to be a huge fan of Ironpig outfielder Chris Aguila and will jump in excitement each time Aguila comes to bat. The Gorilla made his way around the concourse a few times to the delight of many fans young and old.

About the game tonight.. well the Pigs were outmatched and overwhelmed. There is a reason Durham is now 26 games over .500 and it’s called talent, motivation and energy. The Bulls are charging and I would be surprised if there isn’t a team in the International league who could derail them.

The Pigs head to Buffalo tomorrow and I’m looking forward to some well overdue yardwork this weekend.



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Crazy Day for Phillies Baseball

The Pigs lost another heartbreaker today by a score of 1 to 2, getting burnt in the 11th inning by former Ironpig JJ Furmaniak.

Where have the Pig Bats gone? The last few games have seen little production and beside a few home runs they haven’t been playing much small ball. That same small ball proved effective for the Durham Bulls this afternoon in front of a thin capacity crowd at The Coke. In the 6th inning, Brian Mazone lost his no hit bid by allowing a single then two consecutive sac bunts that turned into singles resulting in a bases loaded with no outs situation. Credit is due to Mazone who got out of that jam allowing only 1 run. Mazone looked great out there today.

An odd play happened late in the game when Elliot Johnson hit a low line drive towards Chris Duffy in centefield. From my perspective it appeared that Duffy caught the ball but he raised his glove in shock and frantically started looking for the ball. To his dismay, the ball was inside his jersey and the umpires immediately ruled a ground rule double. I’m not that familiar with the oddball rules but this might be one for the winter meetings. Apparently this is the correct call but as the ball never left Duffy’s control or person.. I can’t see how it isn’t an out. The next batter up, Dan Johnson (of the Home run derby fame) came up and promptly struck out to end the inning.

I guess we all get one of those phantom guesses correct now and then and today was mine. A few months back I said that Roy Oswalt would be a Phillie this year and I was proven right. Not by wisdom or inside knowledge.. pretty much random chance. I like Oswalt and although I hear the whining already.. I feel this is a great move for the team. (Yes, I still think letting Lee go was a mistake) Oswalt has been in an organization that has been falling apart with age and even looking at his number.. you can tell he wasn’t getting the support he needed there. Being a #2 starter, knowing that Roy Halladay is ahead of him and Cole Hamels is behind him will allow him to relax and produce like he has in the past.

I really like this aquisition of Oswalt.. REALLY like it.

Hoping that FedEx comes through for the Noise Nation surprise tomorrow. I’ve been watching the tracking notice religiously this afternoon and will have to pick up a few cases of bananas at the farmers market in preparation.

Until tomorrow!



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Pigs Lose 2 to 3 to Durham But Some Good News!

The Pigs blew another one. This time is was Mike Zagurski who loaded the bases, then walked the tying run in and gave up a hit to give the Bulls the lead.

On a better note, Domonic Brown’s debut in Philly was, well, a Domonic Brown showing! He went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI and a Sacrifice Fly. Way to go Domonic!

No word on who will replace Brown on the Pig’s lineup. Most likely Mike Spidale or Rich Thompson. Most Pig fans are rooting for Rich but Spidale is also a great guy.

Tonight we were visited by a group of R-Phil’s staffers. Saw Tommy Viola and former Ironpig intern Elyse out there in the trough tonight. We were also graced by the Briscoe Disco and The Coke’s own Jimmy T took him on in a dance off. On a close call, Tim Chorones gave Jimmy T the win and he took the title of #1 fan for the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs!

It was a beautiful night for baseball and the game seemed to go by quickly. The Japanese night theme was pretty cool. Pregame events included a message from Bethlehem’s sister city in Japan and Jet balloons returned to The Coke to the amusement of most. We should have those more often. The night concluded with a jersey auction that had fans waiting impatiently to see if they won. I didn’t but seeing my bid raise a little more money for Ironpig’s Charities gave me a feeling that I helped.. a little. The charities do a lot of good and the Noise Nation will actually be helping out with the Miracle League game on August 8th at 2:00pm. If you want to volunteer send me an email at and I will get you information on how to help out.

Tomorrow is an early game, 11:05 start, so I am taking a half day and getting a good day game in. See you there!


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Domonic Brown Called Up!

From too many sources to list, it was announced that Domonic Brown will begin his career with the Phillies today!

With an injury to Shane Victorino sending him to the DL, (I don’t have further details yet), Brown will be in the Phillies outfield!

Sad to see him go though. For the Ironpigs Brown was a sparkplug. The key hits he had in his short time, his hustle and ability on the field and always topping it off with a great smile… he will be missed.



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Wallowing in Misery.. Pig’s Lose 3 to 5

Tonight had all the makings of a solid win. Domonic Brown hit a 2 run triple then scored on an Andy Tracy single. The pitching was solid. What could have gone wrong?

First.. a home run

Then former Ironpig JJ Furmaniak got plunked with a hard Mathieson fastball.

Then a 3 run shot and the Pigs lose.

I can’t say anything bad about Mathieson. He is the perfect example of an all or nothing closer. He was consistantly at 97-98 mph but the Bulls strong lineup put it to him. Scott has to be the nicest guy I’ve met in a long time and I hope he doesn’t let these game losing home runs get to me. I sure don’t hold it against him.. I just can’t. In my viewpoint, if you give your all and fail.. it happens. If you slack and fail.. I’m all over it. Look at Mayberry double clutching that ball hit right at him and the Durham runner strolled into third. If he sets that ball up and makes a strong throw the runner doesn’t even think about continuing on.

Looking at the Pig’s lineup… they were runless in 17 innings (last night was 15 innings) before they scored a run tonight. The bats need to heat up and I don’t mean the bats who come from Louisville.

Tomorrow is another day.

I do want to make mention of a new Noise Nation character coming soon. Be on the lookout! Hoping to get our new friend to a game by Friday!



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