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A Record I Would Like to Forget..

The Pigs lost again last night in extra innings. Joe Savery went 6 innings throwing 96 pitches with 56 of them being strikes. Makes you wonder where the starting pitcher’s control has been the last few games.

Thompson, Duffy and Sellers each had a 2 hit game.

Andy Tracy was 0 for 1 with 4 walks.. one of the intentional. Looks like he’s back. Let’s hope he stays himself for a while.

The Ironpigs are now again a league worst 18 wins 31 losses.


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Opinion Day 5/30/10

OK, I don’t do this often but get ready for my opinion and feel free to share yours in the comment section.

I am tired of retro days. I’m even tired of the word retro.

60’s day, 70’s day, 80’s day. What happened to 1880 to 1950? Aren’t those years “retro” enough? How about some big band music for the 40’s or barbershop quartets for the 1880’s? Wool uniforms, short brimmed hats and umpires wearing tuxedos?

Yeah I know.. not going to happen. I do like when the players get to wear the older uniforms for a change… I love those Phillies baby blues although the White Sox shorts experiment.. not so much.

How about a future day? Silver space uniforms and Ferrous and FeFe take the field on a hovercraft or via a jetpack? Yeah, I know… not going to happen.

Maybe I’m getting old, maybe I’m just longing for the days before loud speakers and electronic scoreboards. I do love those day games that seem to be fewer and fewer each season.


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Justin Bieber to Play Coca Cola Park!

After tonight.. I wouldn’t put something like that happening out of mind. Really, last week during the home stand an unidentified person started the rumor that this latest teen fad would be part of a summer concert series and it went like wild fire across the concourse at CCP.

Speaking of on fire.. Andy Tracy is surface of the sun hot! He was walked twice tonight before launching a monster 2 run homerun to bring the Pigs within 2 runs. The homerun was initially called foul by the first base umpire Travis Brown but was overruled by crew chief and home plate umpire Alan Porter. Columbus’ manager Mike Sarbaugh was ejected in the ensuing protest. You really don’t see many calls overturned but it appears that this one was a no brainer. I am by no means an advocate of instant replay but if an umpire huddle can produce the correct call.. I am all for that. This was Andy’s 3rd homerun in the last two games.

Nate Bump threw 96 pitches with 56 for strikes and 6 Clippers crossed home plate on 8 hits. Bump lasted only 5 innings.

Pigs lost 5 to 7.

And a baseball blog would be incomplete without mentioning tonight’s Phillies game where Roy Halladay pitched MLB’s 20th perfect game against the Florida Marlins. The last perfect game by a Phillie was by Jim Bunning. What surprised me even more was that MLB Network carried the last few innings of the game. Communist-Cast cable network allowed them to re-broadcast and that amazes me. All the stink they made when DirecTV was the only provider with the NFL Network and now they monopolize all but a few Phillies game.. well that’s another story.

Remember this day, it will soon end up in trivia question land.


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Game Notes 5/28/10

I listened to tonight’s game on and off between a trip to the grocery store and Blockbuster. I turned the radio off when the Pig’s were down 7 to 3 and turned it back on to hear the call of Andy Tracy’s grand slam thinking the game was tied. I missed a few runs and the blast by Tracy only put the Pigs within 3. Yikes. The Pigs pitchers came into tonight’s game 2nd in the league in ERA and although someone (not naming names #1) had another error, all the runs were earned.

The most runs they’ve scored in a while.. they still lost 7 to 11.

It looks like Tracy’s shoulder is feeling better, either that or he is toughing out the pain. He went 3 for 5 last night and 2 for 4 with 2 home runs and an Ironpig team record 6 RBI in tonight’s game. All Star voting begins next week and let’s hope his recovery numbers help him return to the International League lineup.

Carlos Carrasco (Columbus, former Ironpig) went 7 innings allowing 11 hits and 7 runs (6 earned). He struck out 7, walked 2 and allowed 3 home runs. Carrasco had not had a win in his last 4 starts.

Brandon Duckworth was listed by Baseball America this morning as the highest strikeout per batter faced percentage and he lasted only 3 innings allowing 4 runs on 5 hits. With 38 strikes in 68 pitches.. he seemed to have some control problems today.

Ehren Wasserman got slammed again. He had a few good stints but lasted 2.1 innings allowing 5 runs on 4 hits.

Cody Ransom also had 3 hits tonight.


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Andy Tracy Back in the Lineup!

Andy Tracy returned to the lineup tonight to go 3 for 5 with an RBI. He must have discovered something in his week off but it wasn’t enough to keep the Ironpigs from losing 2-3 tonight in 11 innings in Columbus. I bet their bells are ringing tonight.

Gordon took the loss.

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R-Phils Play in Jurassic Park?

Great video of a promotion in Reading.

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Hoover Home – Hackers & Homers

Paul Hoover has reportedly cleared waivers and accepted his assignment to Lehigh Valley. It will be a great addition to have him back again.

The Ironpig Charitie’s golf tournament was held at the Bethlehem Golf Course today and was a great time. The weather was clear and sunny and the heat didn’t really show up until around 11:00am. My foursome didn’t quite win at 8 under par but it was definately the best team out there. Thanks to Matt, Brian and Thom who made up for my Spongebob like play!

Really, this was a great time. A hot dog break was included halfway and complimentary beverages throughout the day. Even had a whole hog pig pickin lunch afterwards. There were awards and contests and a great time had by all. The best part is that this charity keeps the funds local. I also attended the Phillies caravan dinner earlier in the year and they read a list of who benefitted from this last year and it was all local. I hear it a lot and don’t mention it much but to those who we heard for a few years how the Ironpigs wouldn’t work and wouldn’t be supported.. well, I’m sure you’ve found something else to complain about.

I couldn’t mention today’s golf outting without mentioning all the groundhogs on the course today. It seemed every time I turned around there was one poking its head our way ready to steal a ball. Where is Bill Murray when you need him?


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